30 March 2005

"yeah, ice."

Ok, so maybe that's a weird title for a blog but not when its your baby daughters first OFFICIAL sentence!! The other day ( I think it was Friday) I asked Hannah if she wanted some ice ( because she likes ice and she had been saying ice for a day or two) and she looks up and me and says, "Yeah, ice!" Ok, isn't that the cutest?? I mean I know she isn't saying "Mommy" or "Dog" but, "Yeah, ice." Ok, apparently it could only melt a mother's heart.. and daddy's and gramma's too.

Today it was actually beautiful out!! No rain! I put away the ark building supplies for another week at least. I picked up Janda this morning and we trekked up to Trudy's Bridal to pick up "The Dress". "The Dress" is not the wedding gown but refers to my bridesmaids dress for Janda and Ted's wedding in May. It was $300! ack.. at least its cute and black and I can actually wear it again (eventually) but lemme just say that the wedding business is a RACKET!! I mean $300 for a COTTON BRIDESMAIDS DRESS!!!??

Anyway, I just knew that the gal who measured me was being too generous with her measuring and she convinced me that I had to order a size 24!!! Ok, first.. let me state that in real life I am NO WHERE CLOSE to a size 24. I wanted to cry.. she explained that in the bridesmaids racket, er game, the sizes were all messed up and you had to add about 4 sizes to your regualar size.. You'd think that if you're spending that kind of money they could drop the size by 4 sizes and give your ego a bit of a boost but NOOOOOOO.. they make you cry.

But I digress... I picked up "The Dress".. no I didn't try it on. I figured the circus tent would fit. I tried it on when I got home and it actually looks better on me than I expected BUT I was right.. its HUGE, a TENT!! What a RACKET! Did I say that already?? Ok, I sent an emergency email to my aunt who is a great seamstress (way better than me) and I am hoping she can alter it so my boobs aren't hanging out during the ceremony.

Oh, you wanna see "The Dress", ok... here it is.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friend Becca in NY today.. she saved me countless more hours of aggravation when she explained that she had figured out that Blogger doesn't like it when you put bug images into your Blogs. If you do, it punishes you my dropping your sidebar ------------------> to the bottom of the Blog. Check back soon to see a link her Blog. Thanks Becca!!


  1. Of course, you are very welcome. After all you've done for me, I can certainly help out with a bit o'HTML. :)
    Love ya!!

  2. Oh come ON now. We want the boobs in the ceremony -- they will detract from Janda's (did I spell that right?) bare feet! Poor thing -- somebody send her a Fairy Shoe Mother. Anyway, yes, bridal sizes are like pattern sizes. They make you run for the ice cream. Speaking of...