25 March 2005

Getting Ready for Easter

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So first thing this morning Hannah and I took off for Michael's and the big sale. I got the mini sewing machine thingie for paper and such that I wanted and a TON of scrapbook paper it was a good deal!!) I also got more yarn ( yes more!! muwaaahhahaa!) and some Easter treats for Hannah and Greg.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and break in rain( finally) and went to lunch in San Juan Bautista with Gramma and Grampa and Diana. It was so nice. After we got home I went to the grocery store ( scary!) for Easter dinner fixin's. When I came home, Hannah and I dyed Easter eggs. She liked it and did good and only dropped one. She managed to dye us as much as the eggs but it pretty much all washed off in the tub.

I bought a wee piece of art tonight by a gal whose Blog I read. It is hysterical!! Anyway, she did this series of cat prints called "Cats in Slacks" and they are just darling. Well, the real clincher came when I viewed her newly posted web gallery for Cats in Slacks and she had one named "Pie" so I JUST HAD to get it!!

Hoppy Easter!!

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