13 February 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

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I love this ring!! Its so cool and not like alot of those cheesey mall store rings even though it is from a big chain, Kay jewelers. I guess V-Day has gotten me thinking about the romantic gestures that occured before we got settled into married parent mode... phooey.

Anyway, tomorrow is our 6th Valentine's Day together. I have a treat ready for Greg but I am not telling just in case he pokes his head in here. Gramma has offered to babysit but we don't have reservations anywhere and its probably too late. How sucky are we as a couple? LOL Maybe we can squeeze in somewhere. Greg is going to call our friends that own a restaurant in Gilroy, where we used to go alot.

Today I arted some more YAY! I finished up ATCs for the Chinese New Year swap I am hosting and have been working on a page featuring the wee banana for Barb's OMG Chunky book. I still need to find a little something for my mermaid page too AND finish up my angel piece AND do my homework for my creativity class. Hmm, maybe I'd better get off the computer!!??


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