07 February 2005

back home

Been away for a few days for our 3rd Annual "SuperBead Sunday" gathering at Linda's. It was fun but I didn't get as much done as I had hoped since I took hannah along. She behaved very well but still, as a 17 month old, she is always BUSY and into everything!! Linda & Denver ( Nonie and Papa D) enjoyed visiting with her and she was very good with them considering she hasn't seen them in months!!

I got to see Marilyn and Leah too and Leah's WEDDING pictures which were just beautiful. Leah was a LOVELY bride and her hubby and shabby either! Congrats once again to them!!

Got a message from my Tam, she says she's been feeling down which has me worried. I haven't seen her posting on forumor chatting in a long time. I hate that I live so far away from her and can't just run over and give her a hug. I got her a fun little pick-me-up at the toy store today though, so I hope that helps lift her spirits a bit.

I got a super surprise package from Saby in Itay today. A goodie packet of pretty spring colored beads. How sweet!! What a nice and unexpected surprise. Its amazing how unexpected POSITIVE mail can really make your day!!

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